About Moss Design

MOSSdesign was created by a team of practising Architects and Designers with the aim of providing extremely high quality versatile units at a fraction of the cost and timescale of building a bespoke building.

Each MOSSdesign customer receives consultation with one of our designers to create a personalised space that is tailored to unique requirements and taste, making each MOSSpod bespoke to the user.

Our team of dedicated Joiners and Carpenters have years of experience and a renowned skill in producing exquisite timber products. Each member of the team takes pride in achieving the quality that make MOSSpods beautiful to look at and a joy to be in.

MOSSdesign have developed a unique modular construction system which combines high quality materiality, traditional joinery and a contemporary aesthetic to achieve a striking sustainable structure.

The MOSSdesign modules are structured in different formats to enable the user to configure their own MOSSpod suited to their own use and the site topography.

Due to the unique construction method of the MOSSpods each unit is able to be installed on even the most difficult terrains within a few days. This reduces disruption and waste created by a typical construction project.

The MOSSpod modular system is adaptable to any number of situations, whether as an isolated self sufficient pod or an extension to an existing home, commercial property or even an historic building.

The MOSSpods can be enjoyed in a variety of uses from a summerhouse, snug, office, gym, home cinema to a studio or additional bedrooms either as a separate pod or as an extension to a home.

Commercially, the MOSSpods can be used as overnight tourist accommodation, classrooms, studios, business offices, meeting rooms and any other use that can be suited to the size of the pods.

Why Choose MOSS Design

We believe that everything we design must be functional and adaptable to each individual, whilst also being of the highest quality specification to create spaces of affordable luxury.

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