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Do you have a little land, a large garden, or a handy field? Well, this is the time to buckle up and see that land as cash potential because the glamping trend is firing on all cylinders and you could be earning a small fortune.

Glamorous camping…‘Glamping’. It’s a word that’s become synonymous with warm summer sunsets with a glass of cold cider, straw in mouth, a rustic camp stove and the harmonious enjoyment of nature. No wonder the affordable luxury of glamping has become enormously popular amongst holidaymakers, wedding guests, festival-goers and anorak clad ramblers alike. Inevitably then, the lucrative potential for glamping site and venue owners knows no bounds. And you could be one of the happy beneficiaries.


Have you considered how much you could earn from renting out one or two glamping pods? Have you thought about how your business could grow with this possible income? Perhaps you have and the buck stops, literally, with construction costs or the time it would take to see a return on your money.

With MOSS, you could rent a pod for a little as £230+vat a month or buy one from £7,600+vat; given that the average price you could rent your pod out for is £85 a night, you could earn your money back in one season: the return on your money issue seems like a no-brainer and the profits potentially endless.


Not only does MOSS make this financially possible, we also make it logistically possible: the MOSS team knows this world; we make sure the process is smooth, quick and manageable. Your pods could be installed ready for the big earning of this summer season. Have a peek at the unique glamping pod range on the website. Why not have a quick chat with the team to see what the possibilities are?


So, if you’re considering offering glamping accommodation; if your entrepreneurial spirit glowed a little brighter while reading this, now is a great time to step forward: the industry is booming with nearly half of Brits seeking a holiday in the UK this year, and the financial wherewithal is at your fingertips with what we have to offer.


Think about what could be yours: can you afford not to?

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