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Is your house crowded and your mind cluttered? Are you irked by a knock at the door every 30 seconds or have to play your music absurdly loud to drown out family noise so you can concentrate? Are the walls elbowing you while the bookshelves seem to be forming their own empire?

Have you considered creating a beautiful, architecturally designed garden room or office, be it a bright space with floor to ceiling views or a cosy snug with a log burner, or maybe just somewhere quiet where you can engage in downward facing dog without being interrupted by the postman. MOSS has a range of garden room designs that come without the price tag you’d assume.

With moving house listed as one of the top three most stressful activities in life and stamp duty going up again, more and more people are choosing to stay put and expand sideways or into the garden to find that much needed haven as the family grows and Ikea bills lengthen. But even this can be a minefield with hidden costs crouching like gnomes in every flowerbed ready to trip up unsuspecting souls who’ve forayed into this venture and the build taking long enough to see into the next Olympics…

Never fear though, we have detangled the knotty complexities of design and construction: as a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable designers and craftsmen, MOSS has created a meticulously planned process, meaning there are simply NO hidden costs; you will know how much you’re paying before a hammer or pneumatic drill sets foot on site and our pocket-sized personable team will know every inch of your project and keep you informed at every stage.

What’s more, we have streamlined the process and our canny designs avoid the need for planning permission so once designed and the nuts and bolts ordered, your stunning multi-use space could be built in just 2-3 weeks. And let’s not forget the considerable value you could add to your home with such ease and in such a short space of time.

Virginia Woolf knew that without ‘a room of one’s own’ to freely think, her novels may never have found their voice: space to think is like oxygen; without it we suffocate and with persistent noise, family pressures and having to wrestle the sofa for access to the living room, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus.

If you’re hemmed in and claustrophobic, if you struggle to concentrate, if you long for a peaceful place you can escape to, why not give us a call or have a look on the website? It may be just what you need.


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