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Are you dreaming about your perfect family Christmas but worried about where they’ll all sleep?!

Festive preparations are ramping up a notch and it’s now full steam ahead to preparing your perfectly executed family Christmas. Fingers are just about healing from the holly wreath-making and the scent of burning orange in the oven has now faded after the attempts at your pinterest inspired garlands.

The best day of the season will come, we promise………… Boxing day is on the horizon! Hooray!

Bring on the sherry, slippers and cold turkey sandwiches! Next year can now roll in, bringing with it the opportunity to realise all the ideas and inspirations you’ve had for your home.


Have you imagined what a difference it might make to your Christmas if you had one more room to play with? No doubt you’ve dreamed of this already but where on earth would it go?

Christmas is the pinnacle event of the year for the family home and really puts its space and suitability to the test. Families have a habit of expanding, and so fast that you’re suddenly realising you’re in need of an extra guest bedroom or a larger dining table. The kids probably don’t want to bunk together anymore or they may be grown up and coming to stay with their own partners and families in tow.


Have you thought about expanding your home into the garden, or even at the bottom of it? Guest accommodation doesn’t have to be reserved for the lucky few with bedrooms coming out their ears – it can come in the form of multi-use spaces that get used throughout the whole year. For example, an art studio or home office with an ensuite bathroom might become the perfect guest suite with a comfy sofa bed. A childrens’ playroom with sufficient storage might become a teenage sleepover den with beanbags and camp beds. Even a summerhouse entertaining space in the hotter months could turn into the perfect cosy winter retreat with a woodburning stove and a good book.

As space saving becomes essential in our homes we are becoming much cleverer with our use of it and it’s all down to good design. Planning for future uses and getting the most out of restricted spaces is immensely satisfying and makes a whole lot of difference to the functioning performance of your perfect home.

Life is never going to be static and our homes need to adapt and flourish to meet our family’s needs. It might be just one small space that makes a huge change and allows you to invite all the people you love to share your home at Christmas next year. Analyse this year’s niggles, whilst enjoying a Boxing day sherry, and you’ll be on your way to a winner for next year’s plans!

If you already have thoughts about a multi-use space for your home or garden but are feeling unsure about how to achieve it, let us know and we’ll get some ideas flowing. Check out some of our latest studio designs that would double up perfectly as guest accommodation.


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