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Why we chose aluminium frames for our ‘River Range’ garden buildings.

Manufacturers of windows and doors are offering a lot more choice of design and materials these days which means we can offer several styles and price ranges for our garden rooms and extensions. Even PVCu companies are coming out with some pretty nice designs now (I know….we’ll get to that in a future blog post).

With the launch of our River Range MOSSpods last year we had fun introducing several contemporary materials to our repertoire. One of these was Aluminium windows and doors. With slimmer frames and very low maintenance there’s no wonder they’re so popular.  Aluminium provides the perfect solution for those that don’t want, or have the budget for solid timber windows but also would like something more substantial than PVCu. The aluminium frames we install in the MOSSpods are a premium grade slim-line design with a modern flush profile. The high thermal efficiency of the glazing ensures the doors and windows meet current building regulation U-values and keeps the energy usage of the garden room to a minimum. Teaming this efficiency with the hyper insulated triple skin structure of the MOSSpods makes the garden rooms a low energy building to run overall.


There’s something very satisfying about the heavy clunk of a great quality door opening and closing. We made sure to test several brands before settling on these beautiful doors that provided a good combination of price and fab quality. There’s also the option to upgrade to the crème-de-la-crème system of the aluminium world which are an ultra slim-line design, if you want to go the extra mile. Our suppliers have a lovely showroom near Bristol if you want to test them out and choose your preference.


Just like our traditional hardwood timber windows in the Park Range MOSSpods, the aluminium windows and doors come in a large range of colours for you to choose from. You could match to your existing property or play with fun combinations inside and out.
Some of our clients are choosing aluminium over timber for the exceptionally low maintenance of the durable powder coating. No need for re-painting and certainly no danger of insect damage. The quality and feel of traditional timber is hard matched and nothing comes close to its overall beauty but there is no doubt there are some very attractive benefits in going for an alternative, contemporary material like aluminium.

Have a look at our new Technical and Environmental Specification section on our website for a full list of benefits you’ll find when choosing aluminium and check out some of the other high quality materials we use to build our MOSSpods.

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