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What experience are holidaymakers looking for? What is it that makes someone choose one place over another? It is their capacity to offer the alternative; to offer something that tickles the taste buds because it’s something they haven’t seen before. The glamping market has taken off like a rocket but it is already becoming saturated with the same generic rows of pods wherever you look. To make money, you can’t risk blending in: you can take advantage of this gap in the market and be distinctive without the price tag.

The British staycation is here… to stay. Huge swathes of us are venturing into the deep wilderness and big-sky scenery we have on our doorsteps. From exploring the Scottish Highlands to rugged Cornish coasts and everything in between, we long to wander lonely as a cloud and escape the everyday.

Instagram has led us into a world where people strive for discovery and document their holidays with constant visual records of new places and experiences, where every post needs to be more beautiful and inspiring than the last. Your guest’s selfie-laden phones will capture every moment of the experience you offer: you are visible – from every angle – and you want to make sure your site stands out from the rest. You must be able to offer that extra something that makes someone stop the incessant scrolling and makes them take notice when searching for a place to stay. Will your glamping accommodation deliver this? Will it make people stop and imagine themselves there?

We all strive for exclusivity and individuality but comfort-seeking humans as we are, we look for the familiar in our adventures; we want to experience the world in fresh ways, discover and feel new things we didn’t anticipate…while knowing we’ll get a good night’s sleep at the end of the day within the cosy comforts with which we are accustomed. The Danes certainly have the right idea with their Hugge-filled lifestyle choices: simplicity, exceptional quality and ultimately meaningful experiences in comfort and peace.

How is it possible to create this distinctive experience without spending your life’s savings to get it set up? MOSS have several affordable ways to make this happen with speedy, cost-effective set-ups and stunning results. We make unique, beautiful Scandinavian-inspired timber pods that will certainly tempt and tantalize your potential guests. We recognise that the uniqueness of the experience is as imperative as the quality and comfort offered and we combine the two to put you ahead in this competitive field (pun intended).

Just as the Romantic poets ‘pined and hungered after Nature’, hundreds of thousands of Brits today are longing for the same and looking for that special somewhere to experience it: make sure they choose yours.

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