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The most versatile material used in our buildings.

Galvanised steel is by far the most versatile material that we use in the construction of our buildings. Not only is it part of the primary structure in the Park Range of MOSSpods but it also features prominently in the smallest of design details such as light fittings, furniture and fixing bolts. The underlying principle for our buildings is that they each showcase the beauty and skill of great design, construction and exquisite craftsmanship. This means that every single material has been considered and chosen carefully.


Galvanised steel has been a big player in the construction industry for a very long time but it is often hidden away. A quiet giant that’s essential to the building fabric but never seen. Nowadays its versatility and vast range of properties are being recognised and celebrated in many aspects of building design and people are loving the unique texture and quality that this fantastic material has to offer.


The long-term durability of galvanised steel makes it an unrivalled material of choice for external fixtures and fittings. We use it both in decorative detailing against our Larch cladding, such as corner details with rhythmic hex-head bolt fixings, and for outdoor light fittings. The attractive weathering that occurs over time in exposed areas adds to the charm of the material and sets it gracefully into its natural location. As a highly resistant material to corrosion you can be sure that these details will last many years without any maintenance.

Bespoke requests from customers have led us to design some really fun additions such as a fab galvanised steel veranda on a welsh garden room, shown below.


And why leave such a beautiful material for the outside only!? In true MOSS style the materials we use inside are just as considered as they are on the outside. By repeating materials throughout the design of our buildings, there is a richness that is created to tie the whole design together. Even part of the main structure is sometimes visible as a decorative ‘skirting’ underneath the windows of the MOSSpods. Whilst this was a bold design move by our architects and something quite outside the box, our customers have absolutely loved it. We embrace the opportunity to make our garden rooms a little different.


With anything from galvanised sockets and switches to lighting design and furniture, the application of galvanised steel as a material for fixtures and fittings seems endless. There are some beautiful products on the market now that take this material to another level. If you find any new ones you like, please send them our way as we’d love to see them!

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