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Does this Google Maps scene look similar to your street? Do you live in an inner city terraced house with a standard sized back garden like our clients do in Bristol? Are you dreaming of extra space at home or a retreat that you can escape to in the garden? If you can believe it, this large multi-use garden building was built with no planning permission required at all. This meant that it was installed and finished within weeks of a deposit being put down. And with a matching storage shed to boot!


If your project fits each of the following statements then you should be one step towards your dreams becoming reality without needing to go through the planning process.

  1. Our Garden Room will be used as an extra room incidental to the use of our house. 
    (I.e. a home office, summerhouse, playroom, guest bedroom etc rather than separate self-contained accommodation or primary living space. Permission will be required for something that can be rented out separately to the house)


  2. Our Garden Room will not cover more than 50% of our Garden
    (Your garden is measured as the area around the original dwelling house as when first built or as was before 1948)

  3. Our Garden Room will not come forward of the front of the house.
    (Your principal elevation, or front of the house, is generally the one that faces the road or has the front door located on it)


  4. Our Garden Room will be single storey


  5. Our Garden Room won’t be more than 3m high
    (Can be 4 meters if a pitched roof. Needs to be 2.5 is within 2 meters of a boundary. Each of our MOSSpods are 2.5m high)


  6. We don’t live in a Listed Building

And that’s it! These are pretty much the only criteria you need to fit within to be able to install your garden room without planning permission. If you live within a Conservation Area, AONB, World Heritage Site, National Park or any other protected land then there are a couple of other small restrictions but nothing that will stop your plans entirely. Get in touch with us to investigate a bit further into your property’s circumstances.


*Information above taken from the current ‘Permitted development rights for householders – Technical Guidance April 2017’ written by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

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