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Improve the comfort of your garden building

Do you have plans for a summer house or home office at the bottom of the garden but feel like the logistics of getting electrics to it are holding you back? It might not be as complicated a task as you think!


Electrical installation is included as standard within our MOSSpods because we like to leave you with both a beautiful and functional space, complete with lighting and power sockets, that you can start to use as soon as we leave. All we need is a suitable supply to be present within 1.5m of the proposed MOSSpod location. If this isn’t the case for your plans, do not worry, as we can help.


It is usually very straightforward for our electrician to run a discreet armoured cable from the existing electric supply in your house or garage, to a new consumer unit (jargon for fuse board) in your garden room. The cable will run in a small trench in the ground, which can be considered alongside your garden landscaping ideas. You could hide it within a flowerbed or perhaps conceal it beneath a gravelled garden path. If your house fuse board is in a tricky location, or far away from the new garden room then our skilled electrician will visit first to offer the most suitable options available for you.


The new electricity supply pops up into the floor construction of our MOSSpods, where we hide a small consumer unit in a hidden floor hatch, beautifully crafted by our site fitters. This means no unsightly boxes or unforeseen cupboards end up cluttering or spoiling the internal aesthetics of your new space.


All MOSSpod electrics are installed by a fully qualified electrician and we provide a full aftercare and maintenance pack upon completion of the build. This pack includes the all-important Building Regulations Approval and Electrical Installation Certificates for your reference later.


Now that you have your electrical supply all hooked up, you can start to get creative with ideas for heating and lighting in your garden room. Take a look at our ‘Creative Options’ page for some ideas and photos of the beautiful fixtures and fittings we’ve installed in previous MOSSpod builds.

Follow our blog for tips and info on adding extra space to your home. From designing through to planning, material considerations through to landscaping and interior design. We’ll also describe previous and current projects in detail to give you inspiration for your own projects.

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