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By renovating our clients’ property we’ve increased its value by £315K in just one year!

One year, £200K spent, NO planning permission needed and our clients’ property has just been valued at a whopping £315K above the value they bought it for in 2017.

Many of us renovate and increase our property values by enough to make us satisfied we’ve not wasted our time, but only a handful of us are brave enough to push the boundary of the ordinary. Our clients saw an opportunity in their neighborhood in Bristol and jumped on it. They started by buying a bungalow that did not fit or suit their family’s needs. Sounds mad but they had a limited budget. Their big ideas, however, paid off. Not only did they manage to buy in the evermore expensive housing market of Bristol but they created themselves a beautiful family home and secured themselves some financial security.

Having bought the house for £285K they were careful not to spend any more than the total ceiling price of the area (which was about £500K at the time). MOSS’s complete renovations came it at around £200K, which still left plenty of room for profit even without breaching the top ceiling price of the area. Our clients are delighted with the result of the renovations and plan to live in their new home for many years raising their young family. They would have been happy just to reach the ceiling price when valued at the end of the renovations. An awful lot of love and attention has gone into this property and it must have shown in the quality of the space we created for them because it has just been valued at £600K!

There is one outstanding reason for this life-changing result for our clients and that is the WOW-factor. Sounds cheesy but it’s that bravery of going one step further that has paid off immensely.

Below is a picture of the property as it was when they bought it in 2017. As you can see, the footprint is exactly the same as it is now, so we haven’t needed to add extension after extension to build its value. Only a clever series of layout alterations, replacement structures and uses of space has transformed the 2-bedroom bungalow into a 5-bedroom family home.


The renovations we carried out were;

– Re-roofed with new loft conversion.

– Renovated the ground floor (as was) to include 3 bedrooms, en-suite and a large family bathroom.

– Replaced the old conservatory with a 2-bedroom MOSSpod.

– Excavated the garden store at basement level to create open-plan kitchen, living and dining areas.

– Replaced all old PVCu windows and doors with painted grey timber.

– Re-rendered the front of the house and clad the rear and sides in larch.

– Landscaped the large garden including terracing, MOSS shed and Mini MOSSpod home gym.


Before and after – Front Elevation.

We are currently carrying out a similar renovation project for clients in Gloucester so we’ll update you with progress of that one as the renovations unfold.

If you’d like to see what we can do for your property, even if not as big a scale as this one, do get in touch.

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